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Bouzy, 100% Grand Cru

With its rugged and harsh climate, distinctive chalky soils and hillside vineyards, Bouzy is one of the most renowned terroir for Pinot Noir in the Champagne region and one of a kind.

Our family vineyards are nestled in the rolling hills of Bouzy. Every individual plot is cultivated with the upmost care throughout the year, fully respecting its own specific profile and creating a champagne that best expresses its distinctive origins.

Rootstock and clone varietals tailored to the soil, the vineyards are mainly planted with Pinot Noir on the south and southeast exposures with slopes up to 15% allowing an excellent drainage and exposure to the sunlight. The Pinot Noir exalts the unique character of the terroir with beautiful aromatics and structure.

A few carefully selected plots are planted with Chardonnay, thus allowing to create the perfect assemblage with fresh, pure and mineral elements.

Some vines are thirty-five to forty-five years old which provide a more refined aroma and contribute greatly to the complexity, while some were replanted more recently to maintain a healthy balance and elegant aromas.

We have the duty to preserve our terroir and we must produce with the greatest respect for the environment. With this commitment in mind, we are HVE certified (Haute Valeure Environnementale).

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