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Harvest is the time to be thankful

Whole-clusters are handpicked and immediately brought to the pressoir to be gently pressed. The delicate operation of clarifying the must (called débourbage) is done as soon as the juice is extracted for a period of 24 hours. The life of the wine has begun.  The alcoholic fermentation of each plot takes place at a low and controlled temperature (18°C ) in small thermoregulated stainless steel tanks and the wines go through a malolactic fermentation.

Blending. Did you say magic?

A unique savoir-faire and four generations of the Sainz-Clouet family have perpetuated the art of blending and making “probably” the very best champagne! Today, the family still gather to taste the wines and to create the magic of our blend using their wealth of knowledge and oenological experience, searching for the perfect harmony.

Effervescence is the rise to happiness

The wine is about to become Champagne ! To encourage the exquisite bubbles to rise in the bottle, we use the state-of-the art technology with fermenting bins and oxygen injection systems. The secondary fermentation, “prise de mousse”, slowly takes place in the darkness of our cool chalky cellars. Our champagne rest on lees for a minimum of four years to add richer aromas.

Tasting brings joy

Et voila! Joy is what you feel when you gather with family and friends and raise a glass (or two) of Champagne Alexandra Sainz. The ultimate state of happiness!


Bouzy – Grand Cru

Tasting notes:

Love at first sight with a beautiful velvety deep golden color with slight hints of violet, recalling its Pinot Noir origins. 

The first aromas are reminiscent of white flowers, followed by seductive notes of dried fruits and mild spices mingling with fragrances of warm pastries, figs and hazelnuts.

Mouthfeel, our Brut Héritage is generous and full of sensations, with fresh citrus fruits, perfectly balanced with hints of hazelnuts and honey. The finish reveals the incredible creamy chalkiness of our terroir.


Bouzy – Grand Cru

Tasting notes:

At first sight, a shimmering golden color and delicate string of pearls rising to the top of the glass.

On the nose, freshly baked gingerbread and candied fruits alongside ripe mirabelle plums.

En bouche, flavors of perfectly ripened figs mingling with light notes of brioche and honey giving the way to intense cooked fruits and tarte tatin flavor, enhanced by a lovely well balanced finish and a final hint of crisp Bosc pear.

Our Champagne

Best served chilled between 46-50°F.
Place the bottle in an ice bucket filled with ice cubes and water and let chill for about 15-20 minutes before serving.

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